Sunday, November 24, 2013

Zoombla, a math game for ages 8+

AppIcon120Zoombla created by Absolutely Learning is a math game that requires the usage of arithmetic facts to find a target number. First, a player creates a math equation that produces either the target number or a number that is useful in creating an equation to reach the target number. Then the player takes that answer to create another math equation while always attempting to reach the target number. Once the user reaches or matches the target number the user receives credit for the fewest moves used and most operands used.

The product was created as a math game for ages 8 and up.  Students in grades 3 – 6 can hone their math skills while older students in grades 7 – 12 can review their math facts in preparation for Algebra classes. This game also has uses for adults who want to practice their math facts, help their children, or increase life long memory skills.
Zoombla Solve 2 Screen shot Nov 17, 2013, 10.23.45 PMAbsolutely Learning recommends several best practices and uses for this product.  It can be implemented as a stand alone product for students who need reinforcement of basic arithmetic and tutoring, but it can also be implemented as a game where students who have the product downloaded upon their device compete head to head trying to score the fewest moves or the most types operands used.  The game is random which provides for unique outcomes and interesting explanations.  When used as a game it is recommended that students and participants reflect upon outcomes and discuss and answers to promote reflection and explanation of ideas.
The game records the most recent games played so that teachers, parents, and players can review recent work and progress, but that data is not recorded for the long term.  Once a the app is restarted it will reset the scores saved after the first round.
Absolutely Learning designs, develops, and distributes creative educational technology solutions for schools and unique training needs. By using the Xcode environment, Object-C coding structures, teaching experiences, and instructional design, Absolutely Learning is providing unique solutions for the modern learner who uses the iPhone and iPad. For more information about us please visit or contact

Zoombla – Matt Moore

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

iOS Development

I have been studying programming since the late 1990's, and I have programmed applications for the web, stand alone applications for the desktop, game interactions, and interactive multimedia modules.  I have taught computer programming to many students using Java and ActionScripts, and I have created many functional class demonstrations.  In order to make those projects fit specific needs, I had to learn new code from libraries and other syntactical phrasings.  While I do not consider myself an expert in any one language, I do feel that I can manipulate many programming languages to create the desired effects of most common UI interactions, story animations, and general database connections.

This summer, I focused my life long learning efforts on the Objective-C language, X-Code, and the programming of Apps for the iPhone and iPad.  Education needs great apps for the platform, and I feel prepared for the challenges of Educational App creation.  To me, Objective-C was really a review from my studies in the 1990s of C and C++.  Yes, there are differences, but I was glad to see there was also a strong inheritance of common C language usage.   I also familiarized myself with the X Code environment, and I have concluded that this can be compared to working with Microsoft's Visual C++ although I agree there are differences there too.

After finishing my fourth test application with success and running on my iPhone, I have decided to continue this trek of learning and developing for the iOS platform.  I am creating apps with multiple views now and examining the Core of iOS.  I am studying through textbooks, iTunes University, Apple's Developer resources, and prior knowledge refactoring.  Also I am currently seeking employment as an App developer with a larger organization so that I can hone my skills and develop highly functioning apps for the iPhone and iPad.  My ultimate goal is to create educational apps, but I believe that I need to work with an expert organization to learn more about he process of complex apps for the iPhone and iPad.  Consequently, I am seeking employment either full time or contractual in the iOS development field in the Los Angeles or Ventura County area.   

Friday, September 20, 2013

Objective-C or just making an App

Objective C is the programming language that Apple uses for programming object oriented programs for the iPhone, the iPad, and stand alone MACs.  I have been studying it this summer as I wanted to create some educational applications that run on all the iPads that are being incorporated into the educational arena (especially locally in Los Angeles and San Diego).  It has been a complicated journey, but I found that previous studies in the original C language and object oriented programming work made the transition successful.  For me I had to learn new syntax, vocabularies, methods, functions, libraries and the overall Xcode interface.

Two great books that I used are Programming in Objective-C by Stephen G. Kochan and The Core iOS6 Developer's Cookbook.  Both have great examples that work; however, some coding background is advised as I found it tricky to debug.  I interpreted many of my own build errors successfully with their suggestions but I am not sure if new programmers would find that easy or not.  In addition to these great texts, I am using an open course on iTunes University from Stanford to get another approach to creating, designing, writing methods, and organizing the program.

Also I am currently waiting on enrollment notification in the iOS Developer Program for this next year.  I plan to take Absolutely Learning to the mobile learning platform.  If you have any needs for either your iPhone and/or iPad for the learning environment please contact me. I am looking for ideas to program Apps for education and opportunities either by contract or in house that can exemplify moments of absolutely learning.